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Of all the islands I have visited so far in our country, Caramoan is my favorite. It is located in Camarines Sur in the Bicol region of the Philippine archipelago. Camarines Sur is my parents’ hometown so we were very lucky to experience the astonishing beauty of this island.

To get there, we traveled from my grandparents’ place to Sabang, San Jose, Camarines Sur. My uncle from mother side drove us there with our owned car. By the way I’m with my father, four siblings and aunt from father side together with her husband. We boarded in the boat that can carry about 40 passengers. It’s not the normal boat I see on the usual beaches I have visited so it really did excite me.

I took a picture of it while passengers were unloading.

No worries for your safety because the boat has life jacket for passengers.


I never thought travelling on the sea would be this nourishing in the eyes.


After travelling for almost 2 hours, we reached Guijalo Port, Caramoan. My relative from father side fetched us and we went to town proper by riding on a tricycle.

We were very lucky to have relatives there which manage a simple inn for tourist. We stayed in that inn and we occupied two rooms for free! Truly lucky and we stayed there for two nights. The room is air-conditioned, with TV and mini table for belongings and of course bed. There’s also bathroom inside the room. The simplicity of the room made us feel like we’re just at home so we never had problem when sleeping time arrived.

Our very generous relatives served us Blue Marlin dishes for dinner. They said it’s an expensive fish. We ate dinner inside their house just a few meter away from the inn. The dishes were very delicious that even my aunt who rarely eat fish ate it without spoon and fork, only with her bare clean hands. It’s a homemade dishes so expect it to be delicious.



We didn’t have the chance to visit all the islands in Caramoan because one day was not enough but I’m going to share the photos of sceneries from every islands.


Matukad Island is the only name of island I remember maybe because it’s the most memorable part of the island hopping since we did a rock climbing there. We took the challenge and the only gear we have was strength, stamina and prayer. It wasn’t an easy climb because we were climbing a huge and high limestone rock formation without any protective gear. One wrong move or step and you’ll be dead.

In fact, many of us got bruises because limestone rocks were very sharp. It’s dangerously fun so if you think you’re not fit enough to do it just don’t try it but surely you’ll miss to see the beautiful lagoon from the other side of that huge rock limestone formation.

Personally, I never thought I could make it because it was really scary especially when I reached the peak part to get to the other side. That was the scariest part because you need to step downward and you will land in a rocky surface and some of them were not intact. Imagine you’re stepping on the rock that might collapse anytime if you mistakenly step on it! Of course I wasn’t just scared for myself but for all of us but our clan has a strong fighting spirit and strong trust in God. We decided not to go down deeper near the lagoon because we’re already tired and the path was getting more dangerous but we managed to take photo of that fabled lagoon and the legendary milkfish living there.

The lagoon where the legendary milkfish is living. The folklore about this milkfish is very famous. They said long time ago there was a couple milkfish living in the lagoon but someone took one of them and ate it with his family then they all died. After the incident nobody in the history dared to touch the milkfish again because there’s a belief that it would bring curse. The lonely milkfish lives there for a long time.

If you stare at the lagoon for a long time you’ll enchant by the preserved beauty surrounding it. You may actually feel that the folklore might be true.


We did a lot of picture-taking here because it was the first destination in our island hopping while Matukad Island was the second. It’s just the first island and the sceneries are already captivating from the sand, trees, rocks formation and crystal clear salt water.


After Matukad Island, this island was our next destination.

You can’t go island hopping without having the experience to swim but what if it’s full of jellyfish and starfish?

Yes, they are part of Caramoan’s natural beauty. At first, we were really so scared to swim because we could see them everywhere but our tour guide reassure us that they’re harmless.

Surprisingly, jellyfish there weren’t like jellyfish that was itchy when it touch your skin just like what I had experienced in Hundred Islands particularly in Governor’s Island.


Every island in Caramoan has different rock formations and it was naturally formed so we never missed the chance to take photos of them as background in our selfies, group photos and especially solo photos.

I never seen such a crystal clear beach water as I’ve seen in Caramoan.

The clear water will entice you to swim more plus there’s a diving area that you’ll able to see fishes with different variety of colors. So sad, my camera has no water protection, I couldn’t able to take video of that lovely fishes.

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