Hundred Islands – Hike, Camp, Hop

Hundred Islands is located  in the city of Alaminos in the province of Pangasinan. It is accessible to us because we grew up in the province of Pangasinan particularly in Manaoag. Our first visit here was when we were young, it’s actually an outing for military forces so we are with families of soldiers.  My father was still serving the military that time. Next visit was with my relatives from father side and the last one was with my sister-in-law together with her mother and nephew. Unlike the first two visit that we only stayed in one Island the whole day, the third one was the most memorable because we stayed overnight in one island called Governor’s Island and we did hiking just to see the top view of hundred islands.


Rent a boat depends to your activity plan and the number of persons you’re with.  If you only want to stay in one island and have no plans to do island hopping then simply ride in a passenger boat just like we did in our first visit because we only stayed in Children’s Island. Our second visit was we rented a boat and stayed in one  small island the whole day and we were the only people on that island together with the boatman because they waited us. We also rented on the third one because we wanted to experience Island Hopping and we stayed overnight. We stayed in one island on the first day and Island Hopping the next day. It’s very important that you negotiate well with the boatman and listen to their suggestions because mostly they know the best tourist spot. I think that’s the benefit of renting a boat especially if you just go there without plans.


Different types of boat



This is what I love doing when boat travels especially if the sceneries are pleasing to the eye. if you have no time to visit other islands, it’s advisable to take photo of every island you’re passing through. A camera that has high zoom quality is perfect to capture even the subject is too far. Boatman will intentionally introduce every tourist spot islands to promote tourism so expect that you’ll pass through it.


If you have plans to fully experience hundred islands, don’t miss to visit governor’s island not just because an extension of Pinoy Big Brother house is there but most importantly it’s the place to burn fats haha. Kidding aside, it’s the place where you can able to see the top view of hundred islands.


First thing to do when you get here is hiking. As I’ve said get ready to burn your fats, prepare your stamina and towel to wipe your sweat. The secret not to feel exhausted is rest and do some picture taking in the middle.  If you just pay attention to your surroundings you’ll find hidden wonders of nature just like the picture below. It was taken while we’re hiking and it’s  actually at the beginning so don’t get excited to reach the top.

At first you’ll find that hiking is going to be difficult because of the pictures below.

Don’t worry because locals are concern of your safety. They made the difficult path easy to walk through by creating stairways and a rope handle to support you in every step. See pictures below.

Once you reach the picture above, stop and rest for a while. You’ll find a small cave there, take the opportunity to take photo as well. If I remember it right, there’s a vendor selling drinks and snacks, buy a drink! Once you decided to continue, there’s no turning back. Expect to climb up high and see this worth it beautiful top view.


If you have more budget and has plan to stay overnight at Governor’s island, you can rent the whole Pinoy Big Brother house and experience how it feels like to be a housemate of Kuya(Big Brother). There were people occupying the house that time so we never got the chance to get near. I didn’t bother to take photo because the back of the house was not worth it.

When we rented a boat we also asked the boatman to include tent. Good thing we brought extra mat because it’s too hot inside the tent, we ended up sleeping outside  and the tent served as  storage of our bags with our valuable things. It was the first time I slept outside and the ceiling was the dark sky. It wasn’t bad at all because we’re on the beach so the air is fresh. Good thing, it didn’t rain.

There’s a grilling station in the island and you can also cook. We have our baon(provision) but we also grilled seafood like oysters.

Try to visit all the islands that is open to the public especially Children’s island and quezon’s island. My suggestion is go island hopping first before staying in one island. In our case, we did it on the next day when we were about to leave hundred islands but we never did island hopping because we only visit one more island which is the children’s island. The inviting crystal clear water enticed us to swim again. After that we only wanted to go home early so we just told the boatman to send us back to the main port.


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