Make your eyebrow perfect

We may all have different shape of eyebrows but all are already outlined by nature, we just need to enhance it by following below steps.

TRACING the outline

Use your eyebrow pencil or pencil to trace where brows should start, arch and end.

  • Hold pencil upright, over the inside corner of the eye. This is where should brows start.
  • Hold pencil upright, outside of pupil. This is where your brow should arc.
  • Align the pencil along the center of your bottom lip, and the outside of your eye. Where the pencil hits the brow is where the brow should end.

TWEEZING stray hairs

Tweeze stray hairs underneath where the brow should arc. Be careful not to make brows so thin. Each brow should be thickest from the middle of the eye, tapering out towards the other corner of the eye.


If your brows are too thin or sparse, fill them in with a dark brown brow powder and an angled makeup brush. If you’ve applied too much, brush brows with soft-bristled brow groomer.

Sham Villaflores

She's an artist at heart. A Filipino author who writes tagalog romance novelette. Also a graphic artist and web designer. She loves to sing from the heart and also knows how to draw. Her skills, knowledge and wisdom comes from being independent, experiences, and the eagerness to learn something useful to her life's journey and interest.

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