my perfect view

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Mae Legaspi leave her modeling career for a while because of a broken heart but when she get back, she accepted the offer to pose for men’s magazine that she always reject before. During the project, she met the gorgeous, hunk but nosy photographer Trey Arenas. The night after the project, she got drunk and told him how obvious he was having an interest on her. She teasingly provoked him to kiss her so he did. After that night, she avoided him because of embarrassment.

She had a mutual understanding with one of her chatmate TE_Captive_By_U who helped her out when she was so drunk but she never had the chance to see his face because of a blurry vision. When they’re about to eyeball, she saw Trey gorgeously walking inside the restaurant and her heart skipped a bit. She automatically remember the kiss they shared together.

She tried to hid from him so her long awaited date to her chatmate wouldn’t be ruined. Did her hiding technique work?


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