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Benjamin “Benjie” Hollerith tried to live a normal life with passion and dignity but because of the bad reputation of his late father, who was a former general that was involved in an illegal crime, he couldn’t live like that. Discrimination and unfair treatment forced him to do illegal acts and
entered one of the big syndicate in town. He sold all of the Hollerith’s property when all of his family decided to migrate on state and he built a nipa hut inside the forest. They call this forest Paradise Promises Land because they’d made a promise there for their lasting friendship.

Everything changed when he and his Blushing Princess Sharie May “Shy” Funtanella meet again. The squatter girl she met before was kidnapped twice and he was always on the scene to help. One day, he need to hostage her so they could surpass the police officers who were after them.

In order to live back to a normal life again with Shy as a future wife, he need to clear his name and fight the syndicate who framed him up to a murder crime, the reason why he became a fugitive. Will faith turn on his hand this time or will he forever live his life a shabby way?


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